Home Improvement in Greenville SC

Painting in Greenville SC

Painting, Drywall and Plastering



Painting in Greenville SC

  • Interior & exterior
  • Traditional & decorative
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Peeling paint repair
  • Staining & varnishing


Even a little painting project can highly improve the appearance of your house and increase your property value giving it a great new look. We will Paint your walls or ceilings. Our company provides high quality, reliable and productive services from painting the walls in a single room to taking care of all the coatings in a large remodeling or custom construction project. We have highly motivated and trained staff willing to help you pick the best paint colors and sheen that will fit your needs. Our goal is to meet your highest expectations and provide the best possible personalized service we can. But there is more. Our professional painters are people with a lot of experience in interior decorating.



Drywall  in Greenville SC

  • Wall & ceiling repair
  • Finishing drywall
  • Cracks  repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Drywall installation & repair


At Home Improvement in Greenville SC we love to install and finish drywall. From a small hole in a wall of your home to dry walling  your complete home, we can do it all. We install drywall on the wall or ceiling. We work fast and clean. We tape off all air ducts and doors. We like to get the wall good a flat so that you get a great paint job!



Plastering & skim coating

  • Plastering & skim coating
  • Preparation works, All type lath installation
  • Rough & finish plaster, Ornamental & decorative plaster
  • Skim coating, Drywall installation & repair
  • Crack repair, Any type of water damage repair

Home Improvement in Greenville SC is a full service drywall and plastering company that specializes in a wide range  of plastering jobs from walls in a residential home to the complete plasterwork for businesses. We believe that, preparation is the most important phase prior to plastering.





No Drywall and Plastering Job is too small!


We pride ourselves on a clean and neat approach to every job:

  • We protect furniture, trim, floor, and other rooms from dust and debris during the repair process. We use clean tarps which are professionally washed on a regular basis.
  • We cover or tape doorways to isolate the rest of your home against dust and debris. We keep the work area clean and neat during the job and take away all debris after we are done.
  • There is nothing to do for you after we finish: no cleaning, no garbage bags filled with old plaster workers “forgot” to take away, no dust or dirt.
  • And when we leave – you just simply move back in. We will put back your furniture, lay your rugs back where they were, and hang your old (or new) draperies. That’s us. Home Improvement in Greenville SC .
By Chris Anderson

When quality counts!