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We at Home Improvement in Greenville SC offer Custom carpentry, Finish carpentry, Structural carpentry, Trim carpentry, Framing carpentry, Outdoor carpentry, Home Repair carpentry. We can do any type of carpentry. We love to remodel kitchen and bathrooms as well as building decks and fences. Our rates are very reasonable. We service all of Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Taylors, Anderson and most of the upstate.

Carpentry Greenville SC

  • Finish carpentry                   Kitchen remodeling & Bath remodeling
  • Structural carpentry            Install joist & Support walls
  • Trim carpentry                     Trim doors & Install moldings
  • Framing carpentry               Room additions & Frame walls
  • Outdoor carpentry               Decks/Fences &  Pergolas/Porches
  • Home Repair carpentry       Water damage & Termite damage


 We will only send highly skilled carpenter for all your home improvement or remodeling needs. Home Improvement in Greenville SC offers framing carpentry, rough-in carpentry, trim carpentry as well as finish carpentry work as well. We can add a room addition or we can fix structural problems such as repairing joist, rafters, main supports repair support walls. We can also repair termite damage or water damage. Our finish carpenters can completely remodel your kitchen or remodel  your bathroom. Our trim carpenter can create or match existing wood trim in your home, hang doors, trim windows, install crown moldings and cabinet fascia. We also install wood flooring. We love to build outdoor structures such as decks or a fence Greenville SC today!




Structural Carpentry Greenville SC

  • Install joist
  • Install rafters
  • Install knee walls
  • Support walls

Structural Carpentry

 We can install support beams and build piers for the beams to rest on. We build are piers with 8×16 cinder blocks. We pour cement W at least a 2 foot x 2 foot wide footer at least 4 inches thick. We use 2 blocks side by side and change the direction on every level for added strength. We also install joist with hangers.  We also can install rafters, support walls, knee walls, floors and more. Every thing we do complies with local code.



Trim Carpentry Greenville SC

  • Traditional & decorative
  • Trim moldings
  • Crown moldings
  • Doors and windows

Trim Carpentry

 Trim carpentry is an art. We specialize in cutting and installing crown moulding, base boards, chair rail, window trim and door mouldings. We can install standard trim or custom trim. We have all the tools to do a professional job. We use oilless finish nailers to install your trim. Yes the cost more but they do not leave a oil residue which will discolor the bare wood on a stained trim product. We have the skill and take our time to do the job right the first time! To give you an example, on painted trim  we make sure all the nails are recessed and we caulk all our trim.



Fences & Outdoor Carpentry Greenville SC

  • Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Gazebos

Fences & Outdoor Carpentry

 Home Improvement in Greenville SC specializes in building fences Greenville SC. We are the best at building fencing in Greenville SC. We pride ourselves in being one of the best fencing companies in Greenville SC. We can build a large custom fence or a small backyard fence. What ever your budget we can build you a fence. We have very reasonable rates because of the volume of fence building we do. The difference in a fence that last and one that does not is, the quality of the materials and the skill level of the carpenter. I will hire the most skilled carpenter Greenville SC  has to offer. Home Improvement in Greenville SC experienced, carpenters that can construct wood porches, gazebos and decks. We also build utility and decorative structures, like sheds, gazebos, pergolas . We do all of the carpentry work on your home improvement project ourselves so we can carefully control your costs.



Home Repair Greenville SC

  • Structural work
  • Termite damage
  • Dry rot damage
  • Water damage

Home Repair

 We also can repair all your termite, dry rot or water damage. We have the know how to make all repairs and know what materials to make all the repairs with. We do the repairs according to the county codes. You never have to worry if the job is being done right or not as long as Home Improvement in Greenville SC is on the jobsite.

 There’s more to carpentry than just cutting boards and pounding nails. The carpentry work in a remodeling project determines how well the rest of the project will look when the work is complete, and how long the work will last. When we do the rough carpentry on your home improvement projects, we use only the best materials and work according to the project’s approved specifications because your satisfaction depends on it.



By Chris Anderson

When quality counts!