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At Home Improvement in Greenville SC we offer a Lifetime installation warranty. We install Ceramic tile, Porcelain Tile, Glass Tile, Mosaics, Marble, Travertine, Onyx,  Sandstone, Granite, Gauged and Ungagged Slate and more. We love to do Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels and Renovations. We can install  Radiant Floor Heating Systems, Ditra-Heat. We are do certified Schluter® installation. We can do mud-set shower pans or your back patio. We install Wall Tile, Floor Tile, Custom Backsplashes, Hot tubs, Ect. We will help you with pick out your accent color,  grout color and even with the design of your project.

Ceramic tile Greenville SC

  • Patios                                            Mudset
  • Countertops                                  Shower pans
  • Backsplashes                                Custom showers
  • Ceramic floor & walls                  Marble, Stone, Slate and more


Home Improvement in Greenville SC will professionally install ceramic tile on the floor or wall. We can also repair  the damage to existing tile. Home Improvement in Greenville SC also specializes in the installation of tile surfaces for kitchen and bathroom floors, walls, countertops and backsplashes. We can also install shower pans. We can repair the damage to the floor or to the joist, caused by a leaky shower pan and also fix and reset the drain. This means that there is no need to call a carpenter or a plumber. We at Home Improvement in Greenville SC can meet all your tiling needs and save you money while working on your tiling project!  High quality tiles made of marble, ceramic tile and composites come in a variety of sizes and colors. Let Home Improvement in Greenville SC start your tiling project today!




Ceramic tile floors Greenville SC

  • Level floor
  • Subfloor repair
  • Underlayment installation
  • Glue & screw down underlayment

 You need one and a quarter inches total thickness of subfloor before we can install ceramic tile on the floor. Most homes have 3/4 of and inch subfloor. We glue and screw 1/2 inch underlayment down on the subfloor, for a total thickness of 1 1/4 inches. A lot of tile installers will use nails instead of screws but nails will back out. We do not cut corners. We take are time to do your ceramic tile project right. We can fix any subfloor problems before we install the underlayment. That is the time to level the floor.



Ceramic tile kitchen floors Greenville SC

  • Adds value to home
  • Professional installation
  • Lifetime installation warranty

 Installing ceramic is one of the most durable floors you can have. Not to mention tile flooring will add more value to your home than any other flooring. Ceramic tile comes in so many different colors and sizes. If it is installed properly, it will last a life time! Tile is the most durable surface you can have.  We can install your tile floor in a Subway pattern, with a boarder or a pattern of different sizes.



Tile bathroom floors Greenville SC

  • Can install any type of tile
  • Can install slip resistant tile
  • Porcelain tiles low absorption rate

 Bathrooms handle a lot of water and ceramic tile is a prefect floor to install here. You might want to consider a tile with some texture so it will not be slippery. We can add boarders or accent to the tile floor and create a truly custom look! We also can install tile showers and tub surrounds. Please check out our Bathroom Remodeling Page



Patios Greenville SC

  • Sand set pavers
  • Thin set pavers
  • Mud set pavers
  • Install patterns

 On patios you can do so much more. We can install slate. Slate comes in gauged slate or ungauged slate. Gauged slate comes in thickness of 1/4 of an inch to 5/8 of an inch and you pick which thickness you want. Ungauged slate comes in these different thicknesses together to add depth to the floor.  We can install porcelain tiles on the patio. Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. We can give your patio a more traditional look by installing brick pavers. Pavers come in different colors and sizes. We can install pavers in patterns like basket weave or herringbone.



Tile tub surrounds Greenville SC

  • Custom shelves
  • Makes custom accent liners

 On tub surrounds I would suggest using porcelain tiles because they do not absorb  much water. I would also suggest using a 12 x 12 inch tile here. We can install liner bar or a few rows of 2 x 2 inch tile as a accent color. We can install  soap dishes, corner caddies, towel bars or recessed shower shelf. A recessed shower shelf must be installed properly or it will leak. With Home Improvement in Greenville SC you never need to worry about that!  Please check out our Bathroom Remodeling Page



Tile showers Greenville SC

  • Mud-Set
  • Set shower pans
  • We can set drains

 We can build you a custom shower from scratch. We can frame it in. Install the drain and install the shower pan. I would like to suggest a small tile on your shower floor to keep it from being slippery. We can install shower seats or benches. The seats and benches need to be waterproofed so they will not leak. Home Improvement in Greenville SC will do it right the 1st time!

 We can also fix leaking shower pans without having to remove the whole shower. This will save you money! We skillfully cut several tile above the shower pan and then remove the tile and the pan. Then we repair any damage, install a new pan and install new tile. Your home owners insurance might cover this repair!  Please check out our Bathroom Remodeling Page


Jacuzzis Greenville SC

  • Install steps
  • Install cool designs
  • Install waterproofing

 There are many different ways to tile your Jacuzzi area.  We can install tile on just the backsplash or we can install tile on the backsplash, decking and front of the Jacuzzi.  Our installers and owners can help give you many different ideas that will best fit the overall room scheme you are looking for.



Tile countertops Greenville SC

  • Install custom trim
  • Install sink and faucet
  • Install disposal/dishwasher
  • Custom countertop installation

 Can be customized to suit specific shapes and sizes; heat and stain resistant; damaged tiles are replaceable. Because tile itself is so infinitely varied, tile counters can adapt to any kitchen style — from high-tech (think factory-made porcelain tiles) to French provincial (hand-painted terra-cotta). Even inexpensive mass-produced tiles can be combined in whimsical, original patterns that reflect your taste.


Backsplashes Greenville SC

  • Install custom trim
  • Deco and mural installation
  • Custom backsplash installation

 Tiling your Kitchen Backsplash is great way to complete your Kitchen design scheme.  We can install many different tiles and layouts on Backsplash’s such as simple ceramic subway tile, a glass tile, a tumbled marble tile with picture frame pattern(s) above your cook top, cut in accent dots into the field tile, install the tile diagonally, install borders… there are endless ways to tile a Backsplash; no matter which way you decide to tile it, it’s a great look for a Kitchen.


Tile repair Greenville SC

  • Lifetime installation warranty
  • We work fast & clean
  • Will kill any mold growth

 We also replace cracked tiles on existing floor and wall surfaces. Cracked tiles cannot be repaired and should be replaced immediately. A cracked tile surface admits water to the underlayment and can damage the substrate, allow bacteria and mold to grow behind the tile and can create a health hazard for you and your family. If your tiles are in good condition, your tile surface may simply need re-grouting.  Home Improvement in Greenville SC will remove old grout and caulk; apply new grout and caulk; and seal the grout to prevent discoloration and damage over time. Sealing your grout can extend its useful life by several years, and makes the process of cleaning grout easier.

By Chris Anderson


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