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Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Greenville SC

Bath Remodeling Greenville SC

  • Install tub surrounds
  • Install hot tub decks
  • Install showers
  • Shower pans
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Custom ceramic tile
  • Marble
  • Recessed soap dishes
  • Corner caddies 
  • Custom benches 

bathroom-remodel-3  A well-designed bathroom is more than just a highly functional space; it’s an asset to your home. Beyond comfort, however, a bathroom must also be safe and durable. That’s why so many Greenville-area homeowners turn to Home Improvement in Greenville SC for professional bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation services.


Bathroom Renovation in Greenville SC

  • Install faucets
  • Install sinks
  • Move the plumbing
  • Install toilets
  • Install cabinets
  • Install towel bars
  • Install GFI outlets
  • Install lighting

Bathroom-Remodeling-4 Home Improvement in Greenville SC will help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to repair your home’s primary bathroom, create a luxurious master suite, add a powder room, or remodel an existing bathroom, the bathroom remodeling professionals at Home Improvement in Greenville SC will help .



 Home Improvement in Greenville SC is a full-service bathroom and kitchen home remodeling company working in the Greenville and the Upstate area. We have licensed plumbers and electricians on staff to ensure that your new bathroom is free from damaging hidden water leaks, and meets all building safety codes. Our professional bathroom remodeling experts have more than 10 years’ experience in constructing and renovating bathroom spaces in the Greenville area. Home Improvement in Greenville SC specializes in professional wall and ceiling plastering. We can repair or replace damaged plaster or create a new plastered surface designed especially to hold up to the harsh bathroom environment. Our professional painting services will lend an elegant finishing touch to any bathroom renovation project.


 Home Improvement in Greenville SC is also Greenville’s first choice for professional bathroom tiling installation. We install a wide variety of exquisite ceramic, marble and composite tile surfaces designed specifically for use in the bathroom. Our professional bathroom remodeling staff can remove and replace old bathtub fixtures, install elegant showers, Jacuzzi or spa tubs. We also offer professional installation on a wide range of elegant shower doors and shower fixtures.     Home Improvement in Greenville SC can install designer sink and toilet fixtures, faucets and lighting to complete your bathroom renovation project. We also specialize in the installation of granite, marble, composite and ceramic counter surfaces designed for bathroom use. We can also install custom-sized cabinet, sink and toilet fixtures for hard-to-fit surfaces.

 Home Improvement in Greenville SC  is a leader in Bath Remodeling and Bathroom Renovation Solutions. Our kitchen and bath remodeling projects are priced desirably, and include labor, materials and permits. We can supply several written estimates based on different plans, designs and options. A comprehensive kitchen or bath renovation and modernization don´t need to cost a small fortune or go beyond the means of most homeowners.

Customer Service

  • We can help you pick colors
  • Ceramic tile and paint
  • What kind of lighting to use
  • Where to install outlets
  • What kind of sink or faucet
  • Installation of faucets and sinks

  We can help you create  the bath of your dreams. We’ll help you choose the right flooring, cabinetry, lighting and fixtures. We can also expand and customize your bathroom to meet the needs of your family. When a bathroom expansion isn’t possible, a well-designed, creative bathroom remodeling project can make the most efficient use of the space you have. From simple updates to complete tear-outs and redesigns, Home Improvement in Greenville SC can turn an outdated bathroom into a work of art.

By Chris Anderson



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